Adding a new kind of tip

Hello. I’ve been thinking about this idea a fair bit recently. Basically, there are some really common things for a lot of people, because they don’t watch streams or anything like that, and it isn’t always obvious information in the game. For example, sheep and other animals rot. In a lot of low elo games, it seems that players don’t realize this, and have a tendency to slaughter all their sheep right at the start. Now to bring this more to my idea. When the game is loading up the match, on the screen it has a tip for your civilization. For example:

  • Britons Tip: Your shepherds work faster, allowing you to advance to the Feudal Age more quickly.

I’m suggesting that we add a new type of tip, the general tip. For example:

  • General Tip: Sheep and other animals rot over time. Try and use as few as possible to save food.

This might help people to pick up on these obscure things, or just learn a bit more about the game. It might also be good to add an option to toggle all tips, just civ tips, or just general tips, and possibly no tips.
Here are some of my ideas for general tips, I’m welcome to suggestions:

  • Sheep and other animals rot over time. Try and use as few as possible to save food.
  • Rebuild lumbercamps closer to trees occasionally to save villager walking time.
  • Placing mining camps a few tiles away from the mine allows more villagers to work at once.
  • The blacksmith provides very useful upgrades for your military units. Make sure to research some of them.
  • In the Castle Age you can build more Town Centers. Place them close to resources to produce more villagers nearby.
  • Try and keep your town center working. More villagers collect resources faster.
  • Garrison villagers in the Town Center during a raid to protect them.
  • Scout units get extra speed, attack, and line of sight upon reaching the Feudal Age.

Those are just some ideas. What do people think about this?


I like the idea, i would adding the civs picked’s info panel of both players (only 1v1) To quickly remember the civ bonus

No problem with this, but I suspect the reason these things happen more because there’s too many things to concentrate on. Lessbecause they don’t know.

So don’t expect a huge change in the players actions with these tips.

Maybe, but even if it just helps a few people, I think it could be worth doing. It would be nice also if the tips would appear more frequently if you had a tendency to do certain things. For example, in the last 5 games, if you have deliberately killed all/most of your sheep at the start, it will suggest the tip about rotting more often.


I think the current tips need to be changed as well, sometimes they are just a random civ bonus or a copy paste of the unique tech description.

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That might be true to some extent but they’re more useful than a number of existing tips

If you need a reminder… remember the ranked ladder mainly consists of the top players if we consider the ENTIRE player base…

Meaning if LELs are making those mistakes we can infer the rest of the player base is potentially even worse