Adding a reconnect button to online play

The amount of disconnects happen that aren’t related to the player and can’t be helped are unbelivable. I’ve had games where our entire match freezes up for all 4 people and then everyone crashes to desktop at the same time and theres no chance of a reconnect. Or just clicking and doing something results in a crash to desktop. Other times it may be because of a connection drop or a blackout, etc… But there is no way to reconnect to your game. If its a team game its instant GG because your allies cant take control of your units and only get your resources split out. As aggrovating as a crash is, its made worse when you can’t reconnect. So you instantly forfiet a game when AOE2 just bugs out and crashes on you. Please start development on a reconnecting system because this game is borderline unplayable when 20% of matches are just ruined when you crash or even the enemy crashing. I’ve had games where we were getting slammed and the enemy disconnects, only for us to win just because 1 of them disconnected. Its not fun and its becoming pointless to start a game because you’re thinking “oh wow will this be my 1/5 game that crashes, yippie”. Just add a reconnecting system asap. Its such a needed feature and without it the game is just unplayable at this point.