Adding benchmark requirement for unranked

Im trying to play black forest in unraked lobby, its a slideshow fest, games are plagued with red and yellow clocks, I would wanna know whats developers plan on how to solve this


As much as I want to endorse this, I can’t agree with. Surely it’s being frustrating so far to have these awful clogged games, but the idea of needing to achieve a benchmark score to play is stupid. It leaves the responsibility on the player side. If you buy a game and satisfy the minimum required specs listed on the store page to play it you should be able to enjoy everything the game contains, otherwise is misleading advertising. It’s the devs, publisher and whoever else involved the responsibility to provide a enjoyable experience on the product they have release at their terms.

And what is happening right now is the exact opposite. People who have bought the game, and attend to the listed minimum specs required, cannot enjoy the product porperly, due to a poor work on optimization. We should not penalty these people any further. We should demand for a product that honour the conditions that itself proposed.


Yeah but I bought it aswell, Im a blue clock. Im suffering with all these

Strongly agree although is hard to switch blame focus when I see a nickname and a red clock next to it, 1 guy ruining all other 7 players game experience; Im asking in the lobby name only blue clocks to join.

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Thing is that, fundamentally, it’s not that red clock person who’s screwing the lobby. It’s the way in that the game is built to provide multiplayer that is screwed, along with its performance, as well. It’s a PC game, a broad array of setups in wich the game will be running should be expected, and the game should’ve been built to be properly working on this bunch of setups.

Again, as much as I want to be bubbled on a situation that always put me on these well-performance matches, I can’t advocate for that on given the terms and situation. What I come here to demand out loud is that the people responsible for this game deliver a totally functional experience to people who acquired their product and have filled their terms for minimum specs and above.


“needing to achieve a benchmark score to play is stupid.”

Agree with everything you said. When you have at least the minimum required sys specs and a good connection you should be able to play ranked without any issues regardless of other users having better hardware than the minimum.

It is incredible how poorly optimized this game is - someone call Matt Pritchard to fix this mess!

I’m so glad I didn’t buy this DE. Sure it looks and sounds good, but performance is pi$$ poor. You still do not listen to your fanbase at all, as was already evident from AoE DE. ES would never have released this in this state.

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So the clock near player’s name stands for the performance of his computer? And one player’s bad computer will affect other players in the game? Thank you very much to let me know this. I never knew this before.


This was supposed to be a Server-Client game which was supposed to not to ruin the game for all players. But what happened? Seems like we are all back to old p2p system.

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Well, it’s the downside of implementing a dedicated server based netcode for an old game: it will work better than p2p given the right circumstances but some of those circumstances are out of the developers’ control so in order to improve / ensure a positive experience they lock a segment of the playerbase out.

It is the right approach I think but the game should be more optimized or at least more scalable as well.

Yeah, I understand the downsides, and I’m even inclined to agree with this system despite them, because I still think that it works better than the old p2p (when it works, of course). But what I feel that is happening is that instead of ensure some safety borders for what could be out of control, they are actually providing palliatve measures for what is out of their competences. And those, in my opinion, are bad decisions. Because, again, if you draw your own conditions to acquire your product and even within those limits you can’t satisfy the consumer who attend to those terms to properly enjoy the product, I can’t find this to be apropriated.

And, to be honest, this point only scales further if you take in consideration the feedback warnings provided by community at the beta tests.

I do not agree with you. I have a powerful PC and I’m tired of people ruining the game because they want to play at 4k with the enhanced graphics pack activated on a GTX 720. I do not care that this game is designed the way it is. Please devs I beg you to bring the benchmark tool to the unranked lobby and force this players to lower their graphics to minimum if they don’t meet the needed requirements.

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Your complait sums aside with what @SorcerousBoat7 said already, and I reiterate that this is not a acceptable approach. Even less if you gonna make unsubstantiated claims about players you met just to reinforce your point. Unless you have required a detailed dossier about the setup and settings of every other player with performance issues that you crossed by, I can’t see how you can sustain such allegations to develop a demand.

And also, performance issues have long being reported on high-end setups as well, no matter the settings applied.

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When I play with friends from other countries that I know they have high end systems, no red clocks. However, when I play with random folks I usually get them. When I ask which kind of system / graphics card are these people playing on, 99.9% of the time it turns out to be a low end one. The problem I found the most is people turning on the enhanced grahics pack and not having the opportunity to turn it off while playing. So after firing up a game it’s too late to make that change. Telling these people to lower the other graphic settings to minimum helps quite a bit. I’m pretty confident that if devs brings this tool to the unranked lobby the issue will be resolved.

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Do a little research on this forums and you will see plenty of people that surpass the 1000 score benchmark with a setup that attend the recommended specs and still get a red clock, so at first this solution wouldn’t work much beyond of providing you more comfort. And at second it has the enormous potential to shrink the player base (aside from being a horrendous anti-consumer practice), providing you even less situations to play online. If you want a quick and comfortable solution to your belly button you gave it to yourself already and didn’t even noticed. Stick to your folks to play online.

There needs to be an option to toggle a benchmark requirement in the hosting options. People with bad PCs can still play custom games, they just have to do so with other people who have bad PCs or with people who are willing to tolerate the lag.

Players who don’t have computers that are good enough will always lag. Players with good computers occasionally getting red clocks is, in my experience, a network issue and often temporary. This is also why it’s unreasonable to keep remaking games, because we can’t be sure if it’s just temporary or going to last through the whole game.

If the game lags, it breaks down. Not only is the game a headache-inducing slideshow, pathing and AI breaks down. You can shoot boar 4 times without it moving at all, melee units are completely useless, you even get glimpses of idle villager when a villager finishes the building and should already be moving to the next.

All this does is either encourage closed groups to play among each other or blacklisting people who cannot run the game.

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thats fine and dandy for unranked… but atm ranked already has a becnhamrk requirement and we still end up with yellow clocks and slideshows…

edit: and look at that, im 40sec into my game and my opponent is already yellow clocking in ranked :slight_smile:

12 min into ranked and its RED clock… if they cant even sort out ranked, how would they fix unranked

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I am usually hosting games with a title like “fast PC only” to avoid this problem. Though it does not work all the time as some people simply do not care or are unaware of the problem, it does help a lot.

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Hey I just wanna say that since release date (OP is 19 Nov) overall performance has been improved A LOT, I dont find laggy games that much anymore, but still 1 slow PC lagging the game for everybody else in a sever based is unacceptable.

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Well, I think we got to keep with what is the best possibility: have the game running on a better performance overall.

The performance lag issue is, sadly, a inherent problem to the game engine, it is no one to blame.