Adding civilizations and units in the Essence editor

Thank you for your kind words and your interest.
Sadly i cannot play with it, in the lobby the civ will not show up in the dropdownbox. And i haven’t found the techtree yet or anything like that. Besides that i think i still missed something in the “inventory_item_bundle” and the “inventory_item_category” they seem to focus on this.

The mod is published in the AoE4 mods if you want to check it out.

Sorry for the late reply, i’m not here often i hope you had a nice day too haha.

iit seems i made an error, your “Lord of the North\assets\attrib\instances\ebps\races\english\units” is correct.
So the folder cardinal is skipped, it goes in assets.

Thank you for adding the Ottomans, i’m really curious what you from Relic have put together :smiley: i hope i could have been of any help haha :')

Greetings developers :slight_smile:
sorry about bothering you on insignificant questions.

I wonder how to modify abilities?
I know how to change variables like “recharge” or “requirements” or something else, but how can I modify ability effort? For example, when I active a “rage” ability, my spear men receive attack bonus but lose armor. For another, I’d like to order my shooter deliver a grenade to targeted location with 30 munitions cost.

Yep, I was a CoH2 modder before. In that game requirements above are easy to set by modify the “action” attribute like “spawn_action” “on_target_action”. But I found AoE4 has removed such an attribute while replace it with something called “states::tree”.

BTW, I am amazed that this game was succeeded CoH2 with status about ############# “suppress” “paradrop” “weapon slot” and more kept. It is interesting lol. Yep, typical relic.

Anticipate your reply :slight_smile:

Blocked: armor piercing

Interesting so AoE4 uses the same engine as CoH2? And there are remnants of the code too?

It suppose, some variable directly comment in coh2 text in “army” attribute. :rofl:
A lot to be optimized. However it remains more possibility for modders. I enjoy this.

why you adressing me or posting here? i’m not a mod and this is a specific post :wink: i dont think this is the right place