Adding landmark for water?!?!?!

What do you guys think about adding a 3rd “landmark” for the civs?
If yes what kind of watermark would you like to see?

English could get a defensive dock that works like a tower and a dock with unique
technology for arrow ships


Nice suggestion!
Water Landmarks would improve water Gameplay, too!


Maybe a option for japanesse could be dock that slowly generete fishing ships for free. Or maybe it work like the trade landmark of french.

And maybe mongols can get a water ovoo that unlock double produce on water.

I had a similar idea prior to the DLC, however instead of introducing new landmarks, just give water specific buffs to existing landmarks. I even thought about each landmark and how it could be tweaked in order to apply to water maps.

And, I’d love to be able to load buildings onto transport ships as Mongol. Would be a cool unique tech.

Link to water landmark idea here: An idea to help balance water -- Landmarks

Yea there is some nice and fun changes in there. It would fix the feeling of a wasted building that english and frech have on their first landmark.

But adding a watermark would make it a no brainer on purewater maps. But on hybrid maps it gives on strategic decision to make the building. Like on mongolian hights. Do you wanna lose your landmark on land for the watermark.

Also thought of english watermark could make a kingship that works like the king on land. So we could have a big pretty ship :slight_smile:

And Jean D’arc could make it so she could get on a transportship that would transform it. Giving it some of her abilities on water or some equient version.

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I think this would fit perfectly into a potential Venetian civ.