Adding macroing ?

I know most of players consider macros as cheating and it is if the other player does not have it. What about making things even by including macroing in aoe ? That way, none can pretend to be disadvantaged.

Other suggestions :
-add a “idle army detector” hotkey
-make lions attacks the same for eveyone. I’m tired of being the only one targeted by lions while others pass by without problems
-a hotkey for market
-doors between walls that open automatically for allies and oneself
-when we move a vill away from a task, it comes back automatically on the task : that should be gone
-while eating meat, in some case the vill attack another elephant close to the killed one. Please delete that bug and don’t make the vills attack another animal automatically

  • sometimes, a villager can’t attack a wall (we must click on a tree first) : that bug is very annoying when a painter tries to escape
  • and of course… please no more stuck army between forest or buildings