Adding user to my Clan

Hi! I created a Clan with my account called KWSN and my husband is trying to join but appears an error. It´s a general error, and dont have a clue what to do to solv this. Someone can help me?

I’m not seeing any specific errors related to this in our logs, though we did have an issue with the service a few days ago that could be the cause. If your husband is still unable to join, please let me know the approximate day/time of the attempt and I can check our logs again for further detail.

We just tried again but this message appears: Oops, something went wrong.

I saw another friend of mine was able to join. Could you please check? The user that is trying to koin is dcocenzo

Also, I am not seeing where I can update info of the clan with my account. I never used so all is new to me, still learning how to use it.

Thanks, I was able to find the error. It looks like dcocenzo is a Steam account. Unfortunately the Clans only support Xbox Live users at this time.

For making changes to your Clan there should be an edit button, top right of the Clan page.