Additional support for launching new lobbies

It would be great if the game URIs interface would support creating a new lobby with specified settings and if it could also report the lobby ID back. This would allow many useful interfaces to be developed by the community as needed for specific uses. I personally would be interested in having preset lobby configurations and separate lobby apps for community games.


Do you mean like having a lobby preset that comes up when you host a lobby?

Yes. A single click link to get a lobby with a name, specific map and specific settings, … everything already set. But not as a feature in game. We don’t need additional clutter in the menus.

This would also be useful to share lobby settings. Would be great for competitions, so that pros don’t mess the settings up. :stuck_out_tongue:


That does sound super useful.

I’m really shooting for an interface that can be used by other applications. While all these things can be implemented in game, everyone will have different ideas for what they would like. It’s unreasonable for us to expect that all these preferences can be fulfiled in game. By providing an interface FE would empower the developers in the community to develop their own interfaces, layouts, support applications, … and the best of them will, over time, be used by the wider community.

This approach can fracture the experience somewhat, but leads to incredibly quick development and improvements. Like we have with the current mod system, where many game play issues have been resolved by the community (smaller trees, clickable felled trees, short walls, grid mods, …)

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