Additions for Naval Combat

Hi there. I’d like to say that firstly I’m not the most experienced RTS player, but I’ve got a history major and thoroughly enjoy these games and love Age Of Empires IV. I’d like to address the following, with regards to naval/water based equipment and battle, and hopefully this gains some traction and the attention of the devs:

  • Draw bridges - historically, these were widely used by many nations and provided excellent opportunities for defending communities to develop secure, island based and moat defended communities.
  • The ability to create transport routes over land for small ships - this may be hard to do, I’m not sure, but considering the Ottomans have just been added and the Holy Roman Empire is there, wouldn’t it be fitting? I mean, it’s how the Ottomans took Constantinople in the first place. The Vikings and Rus also used this tactic, if I recall. I believe advantages such as these may help balance naval gameplay for less sea worthy nations and even incentivise them.
  • Water based siege equipment - similar to siege towers but built upon boats. Perhaps a sturdy ladder is a more appropriate description. This would help balance out water raids and stop island forts and river way settlements from becoming impenetrable.
  • Naval chains - I once again refer to Constantinople. The reason why the Ottomans had to carry their boats over land was due to a large naval chain blocking the water way to the underbelly of the city. It would also further balance the siege in favour of defence.
  • Floating fortress - the ability to chain 2-3 boats together with a floating platform that can hold standing long range troops such as archers, gunmen, or perhaps even light siege equipment. I believe it could work relatively similarly to how large boats can be converted to floating military schools (ottomans).

NOTE: I spend the vast majority of my time creating my own games with my own scenarios, and use the “Advanced Game Settings” mod religiously for the depth and customisation that it adds. If I’m being ignorant as to how these may negatively impact traditional gameplay, please say so. Personally, I believe that these changes may add more depth to the game and incentivise water based maps more. Personally, I feel like strategy plays a huge role on land and offers many opportunities to orchestrate impressive plays and manoeuvres, but that the water based combat is not nearly as complex and deserves to be fleshed out. Again, thank you to the developers for all you’ve done and added so far, and keep up the good work!