Additive mods: Tactics supported?

I’ve searched the article about Additive mods. In it, the tactics.xml’s are not supported.

Has this changed? its going to be changed?

Hi @GochoARG , are you referring to the tactics.xml file or the .tactics files in the tactics folder?

The game doesn’t actually read the tactics.xml file.

As for the .tactics files… ideally they will have support for additive mods but this isn’t on the radar at the moment. If this is something that you, or others in the modding community, would like to have then I can raise the issue and get the priority of doing this increased.

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Yeah, I wanted to see If I could make regular musketeers bayonet charge by modding the Carolean Charge into their musketbayonet.tactics file (and later activiting it by researching socket bayonets). I also wanted to see what could be done with the Salteador ambush

The route should be


*Via Resource Manage 4.0