Adjust inca into a more balanced civ

Inca is such a weired civ with no goons, and can’t train any artillery.
In the next patch huaraca ranged atk will be nerfed from 40 to 20, *2 to infantry,(which means deal the same damage to infantry), but dmg to calvary and artillery is reduced by 50%.
Chimo runner is a very annoying unit, can counter artillery in age 3. Though huaraca 's ranged damaged was nerfed, it somehow can distroy felconet.
But in age 4, heavy cannon have 475HP next patch huaraca cant easily kill these unit. In late game, because lack of culverin-like unit , Inca dont have efficient way to deal with the heavy cannons from factories.
I think Big button of the Inca stronghold (1600c for 4 light cannon) should allow the Inca train this unit in stronghold(the Inca fortress).


I also want to mention that inca cant deal with Lakota’s rifle rider either. Jungle bowmen is so weak and others anti-calvary units are heavy infantry. just use rifle riders and axe riders can easily counter the Inca.

Such a noob civ!

I would like to know how to beat massed canons protected by muskets now.

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Incas arent the only ones with that problems sadly, aztecs have the same issue (AK are better than huaracas but dont enough)

ak has 30 attack range while 22 range for huaraca in age4

I really don’t know how to beat this combination next patch.
Allowing inca to train light cannon is a way that don’t break the balanced for the early game.

add a second big button after 4 light cannon

Huaraca and Chimu Runner set to 4x vs artillery, 3x vs Siege unit

Chimu Runner & Huaraca add Resists 20% vs. Siege

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I’m more concerned that they still don’t get a second boat type even after all those changes to natives on water.


inca is poorly designed top to bottom, from de release to next pup-inspired patch. I’m sorry but there’s really no fixing it

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water ceremony was nerfed a lot, late game water fight is weaker than before. But now chincha rift can have 30 atk range in age4 idk how it will perform.

New patch in PUP ruins Inca at all, because ranged anti-cannon become a huge problem in late game, especially in treaty after the unreasonable Huaraca nerf. Enable light cannon training in age 4 could be a good compensation. By the way, does ESO community join dev balance team? A lot of new balance changes are referred to the former ESOC patch. :thinking:


At release it was very interesting, but as it was also very different, many people complained. They just needed to tune some things (as with most civs), but sadly, after many outcries, they have totally stripped them of their identity. Every patch they seem more and more like a generic civ, and they’ve already had their “rework”. But I guess its better to nerf them to the ground than to let other players lose against them after sieging a fortress with skirms and uhlans :roll_eyes:

Por jugadores te refieres a algunos profesionales? entonces si xd

I said it before and I repeat it now, The Incas need to be an intermediate civilization between European technology and an indigenous empire, basically the Incas of AOE3DE would have to be more like the Incas of WOL.

In retrospect maybe giving them those vil cards was a mistake.

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but it wasnt interesting, it was GIMMICKY
every single inca thing was a gimmick except plumed spearmen, which ended up as a meme gimmick strat of chasqui dropping them under your tc at minute 4

lets review
house - gimmick res gather
tc in age 2 card
kallanka has overpop gimmick
fort rebuildable and garrison gimmick

llama disco gimmick
priestess wololol gimmick
chimu- slippery boi gimmick
archer poison gimmick
bola spalshy snarey musk bad in melee gimmick
huaraca “siege damage but still somehow bad against artillery” infantry gimmick
macemen sucking really hard gimmick

chief is heavy inf with a yeet stick gimmick

their ship training other ships is a gimmick
water dance armed fishermen gimmic

revolt card gimmicky

literally 2/3 of their unique cards are unnecessarily gimmicky or useless

and im ignoring the card names, effects and images lifted directly from wars of liberty (like the villager armour card which was directly copied but coded to be armour total instead of percent)

none of the bonuses are coherent either, its just a bunch of random nonsense thrown together with a vague sort of direction towards turtling, which of course inca is actually kinda terrible at


These are also a gimmick. They’re the best hit and run siege unit in the game. They can run around and melt buildings like Oprichniks and Steppe Riders but with the added bonus of being able to kill the only units that can catch them.

Huracas are also not as bad as you’re implying, they did get nerfed after all. They’re okay at taking out artillery, especially against civs like China who only have short range flamethrowers or very limited long range artillery options.

How do you define a gimmick?

I’m just trying to understand - I really liked the fact that the Inca was a departure from traditional AoE things. Poison damage, Garrisoning army in forts are all realistic things. I wish other civs could garrison in forts and the Tupi Blackwood archer, Sharktooth Bowman, carib Blowgunner also get poison damage.

Chimu unable to snare (or getting snared) not so much. That feels unrealistic.

Food houses seemed OP and probably is still OP.

And converting is just a wololo reference that isn’t used enough to matter, no?

Compare how many features they have with aztecs, Hauds or lakota. Specially wit aztecs that are similars. All aztecs have is warrior priests while incas have kanchas, estates, llamas, priesteses and so on…

Neither their age ups are consistent, each member gives a different thing in each age while other civs give the same but in a stronger way. Same with BB, some give units, other upgrades, other llamas…

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what i meam by gimmick is just something silly attached for the sake of it. poison arrows could have been the one gimmick unit, honestly, i just wish the poison didnt bypass range resist. incas whole age 2 would be less… weird… if their archer just had a straight +2 or +3 dmg and no poison gimmick. its not the worst offender though

i guess what i mean simply is that every single unit has se silly exploit or unique ability tacked on for no reason. chimu didn’t need to be slippery, casqui don’t need to recieve shipments, priestesses dont need to wololo, llamas certainly don’t need to dance.

if the units just followed the rules of their unit class, maybe one special unit as usual for each civ that is unique (probably huaraca or bolas are the ones that deserve to be a little special). They keep fiddling with the civ and shipments and unit stats but not fixing the gimmicky trash stuff, so its always gonna be obnoxious.

(also for serious i despise resource houses, zero interest for design or gameplay)