Adjust inca into a more balanced civ

I should add, separately:

i agree with the original poster, I too would like to see inca be balanced. I am a diehard TWC fan, i used to almost exclusively play azzy/iro/sioux on tad for years. I want to see inca be a part of the nat civs in a way that feels like a part of that expansion. The first thing that needs to go are the gimmicky garbage, then make the units actually cost effective without the gimmicks. Fix their eco so its not a house thing, no more disco llamas or wololol ladies.

Give inca a goon type unit, make huarca not be hard countered by artillery, or at least do the arrow knight thing with a hidden 0.5x from arty and better break points. Give chimu a few extra hp and remove the slippery button. Plumeys are whatever, they’re the only inca unit i like. Bolas are probably a bit too weak now, macemen are literally pitiful they need standardized rof so they dont lose to everything except pikes. Jungle archers just either make toxin do ranged damage instead of siege, or remove the toxin and just buff their dmg a bit. Give inca better vill shipment age 2, fix the vill big button and no chasqui shipment point. NO MORE MILITARY GARRISON. It would be a huge step in making the civ better


I’ve got to say I still dislike the ideas with the first 2 DE civs of “let’s think of what weird trait & ability combinations haven’t been in the game and make them regular units”. Inca has more serious problems because Swedes is after all an European civ with regular European units.
I like how the design is not followed in later civs where the regular units are much more…regular. Despite some gimmicks they mostly still stick to the existing unit roles.


w8 you’re actually right inca’s most unviable unit has abnormally high rof for melee unit lol

Yes, receiving shipments is unnecessary in free scouts, and their card make them absolute units, age 5 these have 324 hp, 30rr, and do 61 dmg with 60 siege. This is an 80r unit that shadowtechs.

Just to compare, chimu in age 5 has 329 hp, is slower, has 20rr, does 43 dmg (x1.5 vs art) and 19 siege while costing 105r.

Chasqui really do not need to receive shipments but I guess if the devs want to keep that mechanic then they should hit the combat card to be a bit less ridic.

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give inca a goon type unit is also a good idea. maybe change the bolas to a eagle runner like unit is good for inca. But now i think the most important thing is giving inca a reliable way to deal mass artillery.

Though I no longer play inca (due to so many nerfs) I was shocked to see yet another. The stronghold FF was perhaps borderline too strong and that was entirely fixed by making a delay with the garrisoning feature. Halving huaraca damage vs everything other than infantry is just the final nail in the coffin here. What do inca counter artillery and musk with now? If they wanted to do these changes then they should have gave them half damage vs every unit other than artillery and give them an extra 10 range make them more like arrow knights.

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you’re right, of course. but they’ll stubbornly refuse to fix (remove) the stupid gimmicks and nerf the already fairly poor units over and over again instead.


I think this is not a good idea.
inca should have an arrow knight unit or culverin unit, that is what inca need most.

I think giving the Mapuche bolas rider to inca is good so they have light ranged cav. And the big button to allow inca to train light cannons


No need for a dragoon unit for Inca, Bolas Warrior takes the dragoon role for the most part. There’s also Conquistador shipments and Bolas Riders via alliance.


yep, so i claimed to allow inca trainning light cannon.
inca somehow can get some dragoons from native allies.
the most important thing is give inca a stable and reliable anti-artillery unit.

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dragoons counter artillery to an extent, which is part of the reason the unit is both essential, and also one of the reasons inca sucks vs massed artillery is because they literally only have one unit without the infantry tag. Any unit that can counter artillery at range without being countered at range by artillery is an absolute must for all civs

Inca have uber runners, 'nuff said.

at range because walls exist

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They don’t counter cost effectively vs musk and cannon.


They can always just slip in and kill the cannon musk can’t protect the cannon.
Honestly It’s got to the point I just eschew cannon vs inca because because of those OP Uber runners.

Honestly I find it better to use pikemen or halbs over musks since they close to attack chimus.

Melee cav is not the best way to counter this kind of compositions, so a weaker cav is worse. Playing aztecs or inca is a non stop of training units cause this unefectivenes killing canons. AK are better than Huaracas, yes, but they keep being countered by canons.
Add to this, they cant counter skirmishers properly.

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Shock infantry are not cavalry they have a smaller collision size which makes it easier to swarm with or run past defenders especially if they’re unsnareable uber runners.

Basically they have the same power density of infantry without the vulnerabilities of infantry. And cav counters have a lesser effect on them.

And they have cover mode, not trample

Why u would use cover mode if it slow down them?? They arent that good when aztecs are defeated by just skirmishers spam. The point of cavalry is to have high HP to tank, fact that Shock inf cant. Thats the reason they are underwhelming.

About snearing, is just an ability, not a permanent state

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iirc the standard tactic with chimmu is to activate the ability just as you are about to make contact to prevent snare, assassinate the target and then just run.

They have pretty small hitboxes which makes them able to slip into formations and kill their targets

Why not just revert Huaraca attack to 40
make them
×1.0 vs. Artillery
×0.1 vs. Heavy cavalry and Shock infantry

second big button after 4 light cannon
Huaraca and Chimu Runner + 2x vs artillery, 2x vs Siege unit

Third big button:
Chimu Runner & Huaraca add Resists 20% vs. Siege

Inca can anti-cannon without cannon, and Huaraca should be easily killed by cav, Huaraca is no OP anymore if they deal no damage to cav