Adjust inca into a more balanced civ

Incas were and still to an extend are basically just Aztecs but better, it never was that original or new.

I think incas should be fine now. None of the grinding issues still remain:

  1. They are no longer the cockroach civ. You can actually siege them down now. The huarca nerf now ensures they can be sieged.
  2. Chimu runners are no longer ridiculous. Boy those guys were OP on release.
  3. Food generating houses are now in a good position given their cost

Yeah but like someone mentioned you go away and by the time you come back a new lame strat appears. The latest is a very strong rush using the new trading posts to spam units. It’s a very large and fast push. Someone else may provide the details. I did not record the games to see what actually happened.

Yes we must completely weaken them so there’s no viable strats. Meanwhile Japan and other civs go unnerfed.

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I don’t know it’s on par with the Indian rush I suppose. You know the Asian civs seem to be off limits.

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Been that way for 15 years now.

By fine, you mean, annihilating their ability to deal with artillery right?

now they need to fix the standard units to be cost effective and less memey

You can still deal with artillery just fine, but you can’t kill artillery for free anymore.

You can’t kill artillery that’s controlled by anyone above 1200 ELO lol. No player worth their salt is going to have unprotected canons and let you waltz in with your Chimus.

Culverin still kill artillery for free without dying from 34 range.

Culverins only kill artillery though. Huarcas aren’t completely helpless. So they can afford to take some damage.

I don’t know about that. I’m about 1400 on a good day and inca don’t seem to have much issue with my artillery far too often.