Adjustment to Ranked Matchmaking? The skill difference between brackets is too great

I feel like the skill difference between different tiers of Platinum and above is quite drastic, to a point where I don’t feel like I’m getting sufficient chances to improve my game. The skill difference between a person with ranked points 50 lower than me is so drastic to a point where I’m just cruising through the game, at which point I feel as if I’m just out to grind points, not have an engaging, fun, and close game. Likewise, a player who is 50 to 100 points higher than me just steam rolls me in no time, at which point I am promptly matched with someone 50 points lower than me. The process repeats ad infinitum.

I have close to 55% win rate but my rank has stayed the same for a month. Shouldn’t I be going up ranks if I am winning more than losing? Not in this game, where I am facing against people way worse than me on the reg, and that’s not really fun since I am not getting a sense that I am progressing in skill (and rank). If my rank stays the same, it stands to reason that my win rate should be closer to 50%.

I don’t quite know the solution to this, only that this game needs more people, I suppose. I just want to have a consistent experience on ranked ladder, being matched with people of similar skill level, not brainlessly steamroll someone or get streamrolled brainlessly.

if it takes time to search game, restart the search

It’s sort of completely irrelevant, but sure.

50 point difference doesn’t seem like a lot. One sided game can happen between pro players too so usually, one sided game doesn’t mean that the skill gap is huge. It could be due to multiple factors (luck, players’ condition, civ match up, etc).

In saying that though, I agree with not the skill difference, but the ELO/Rank difference between matches. I play with a team of Conq 3s (I am Conq 3 too) and we often get matched with Plats, sometimes even Golds. Worst part is that when we do get matched with Conq1~2s, or Dia3s, they will dodge us as they want to keep their rank and they can see who they are going to be playing before game loads.

Reduce the ELO/Rank point range for matches even if it takes long search time, and PLEASE hide players’ name/rank before loading screen…

To the point of more people : Well more people are always better, but currently we have 10k daily users and that will Grow for sure when the Patch hits live servers and 10k is a very reasonable number for and Online game.

Now for the main Point of this Post.
The fact that you are Plat I or II or III has very little to do with your actual MMR, your Match Making Rating.
Meaning the Ranks u see are just for show what really matters is your MMR if the system thinks you are a Platt II player and u only in Plat I u will get matched vs people that have the same MMR meaning it could be a Gold player in Gold II with a big win streak or a Dia I player with a loss streak. So don’t think too much about the Rank, u can use aoe4 world to see your Matchmaking rating if u want to know where it is and also compare it to your opponent’s MMR. The System will usually need up to 50 games to give u a solid MMR, so don’t be confused when u placed in the wrong rank, it can take a lot of games for the system to know your rank.