Adress Game Pass locked USA Issue

Ok so a moderator on this site stated this dlc is not included with gamepass despite it saying that its available in gamepass on the AOE store page.

“This content brings the United States as a playable civilization to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition for the very first time and is now available on Game Pass for PC, Microsoft Store, and Steam!”

Tying to get an answer from microsoft - xbox support on the phone as to why they arn’t going by their own game listing.
As a game pass holder this is maddening.

Will provide an update when I have an answer.


Xbox store support employee pulled up the store page and acknowledged the conflict between what is listed and the fact that your being charged as a gamepass holder. He reported the issue internally but could not do anything else. This is not great for people who pay for gamepass and is misleading.

Hi @MajorWaII, The base game is included with Xbox GamePass for PC, not DLC. Although there is a 10% off offer for DLC if you have GamePass.

Because I enjoy the series I did buy it though there was no discount. Unless 4.99 is the discounted price.

$4.99 is the regular price. As a GamePass subscriber you should have received 10% off. You are subscribed to Xbox GamePass for PC or Xbox GamePass Ultimate not Xbox GamePass for console, correct?

Im an ultimate gamepass holder on this account so it should cover it all. AOE base game was shown at a discounted price but this dlc was not discounted at any rate.

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