Advanced Genie Editor (AGE)

When i edit any unit, i save the file, and then open AOE II DE and go to editor, but my edited, or created unit is never there… I saved it under “Resources” “Common” “DAT” in the game folder, but it never registers into the game… I am new to the AGE so if the answer is glaringly obvious then have a tiny bit of mercy. Haha
Looking forward to feedback from you guys. Thnx.

Do not overwrite the base game. Ever. What you need to do is to save it in a new mod folder. Basically you need to create this file path "C:\Users<JSmith>\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE<A large number>\mods\local<Your Mod Name here>\resources_common\dat. Anything inside those <> needs to be replaced with whatever it says. So start saving your DAT file in that final folder, and from there, before you start a skirmish game, you need to select your DAT file. Also, you’re going to want to go to Steam and verify the integrity of the game files now, because you just messed around with the actual game, rather than a mod.

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Ooh… okay, thanyou. Good thing you told me. Lol I would have probably messed up big time. I will do that,

“This worked for me, thank you. However, it doesn’t work for the Age of Empires Return of Rome game mode. How do I need to proceed, what is the file path, or what do I need to do to modify the units for the Return of Rome?”

I’d guess that the file path you want is “C:\Users[JSmith]\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE[A large number]\mods\local[Your Mod Name here]\modes\Pompeii\resources_common\dat” for the mod, and “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\modes\Pompeii\resources_common\dat” for the DAT file to copy off.

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What if when i get to this point (C:\Users\Games) then there is nothing in the Games part?

Do you have a D drive or something like that? You could check them.

I have an external hard drive which i do other games on, but there is no AOE content in there whatsoever.

If you open the game, download a mod, and click the “open local folder” button on it, it should open the path where your mods are.

So i have made the folder in the correct location. I just can’t see it in game as a mod option…