Advanced Genie Editor not working

When I click “open” in the Open Files window, AGE closes. Before I click “open” I select Age of Empires 2 DE. What can I do?

maybe corrupted files or missing libraries. mines working just fine.

So, if I re-install it, it will probably work?

upload a screenshot(open files window), let’s see what problem

No need any to be selected in Defaults

Select ‘AOE2DE’ in Genie version,

Tick Compressed data set (*.dat) and fill the path to: AoE2DE\resources_common\dat\empires2_x2_p1.dat

Tick Language file location and fill the path to: AoE2DE\resources\en\strings\key-value\key-value-strings-utf8.txt

Tick Path for DRS file and fill the path to: AoE2DE\resources_common\drs

I just input these things with latest AGE in game file, and it successfully loads the game dat.

I think he is saying that before even get to the point where he could see first window to select ‘AOE2DE’, its already crashing.

Actually I can do nothing but tell my way to make the latest version of AGE works.
Because it was the solution I observed since Indla DLC that made AGE not working as the figures changed.

you got the version from the install folder, or from aok heavengames ?

Thanx everyone, but the problem is solved. AGE noew works fine. Had to use the one I have in the AOE 2 DE file.