Advice on AI and other things

OMG OMG OMG! This game is the First game I ever played on a Computer and my friends still get together and play over LAN as we can. We are all VERY excited about this new iteration of our most beloved game.

A few improvements I would love to see is a smarter AI. In the original the AI, even on the hardest setting, just kind of quits playing and attacking after a few waves. The AI also doesn’t really expand their base past the “square” of towers basically all civilizations make. They also stop building storage pits closer to resources that they need to continue building their armies.

I would LOVE to see a smarter AI. To the level or even smarter than the AI in StarCraft II/Company of Heroes/C&C 3 (probably the smartest AI in RTS I can think of.)

It would also be great if units moved through the map smarter, instead of getting bottle necked and then just stopping (especially when crossing shallows against an army of Composite Bowman or Horse Archers) around the map. Then you have to go back and find them.

Centurions/Legions/Archers would be visually more appealing if they automatically formed “Battle Lines”, although that’s not how AoE was played so I don’t know about that one. Maybe make lines and travel in lines and then open up and fight like they normally do (Kinda like AoM/AoE II) so traveling armies look like armies instead of a swarm.

Units more historically accurate in appearance would be cool. Legions of Rome should look different than Legions from China.

I would be SUPER happy if Horse Archers (my favorite unit) could run AND shoot. Maybe make that a Civilization trait like the Hittites! (my favorite Civ).

Unit stances! Guard unit, skirmish mode, defend mode. Patrol area.

Ability to set target priorities so the units automatically go after siege, priests, villagers, archers, whatever units you want to target during an attack automatically instead of micromanaging.

Can give archers the ability to shoot over hills instead of directly into them when trying to shoot at an enemy on the other side. Walls should also protect the inhabitants of the wall from projectiles shot in a non-arching path (ballista).

Hmmm what else?.. Auto attack/convert option (like auto heal) from priests would be cool/annoying.

I really hope Bigdaddy will remain an integral part of the game, I can’t wait to see what that looks like in 4K UHD.

That’s a start!

also, even you don’t make any of those changes, and the game is EXACTLY the same with just newer graphics, you won’t be wrong!

Thank you for this :smile: