Advice on Facing Jeanne in Feudal Knight Rush

So Jeanne goes feudal into knights, yada yada, I build spears. I have about 6 spears against two knight and a man-at-arms Jean. She does her AOE attack and wrecks my spears, she loses no knights and I am out of my spears, which up until this expansion was the proper counter to a French based knight rush… What is recommended to fight against this??? My first thought is archers, so I dont have to get close to her… But archers are certainly not the answer against knights and to do any significant damage in the feudal age I would need a significant amount of archers to take out Jean with all her armor… Whats the play here??? Is this a balance oversight in the game?

to be honest, I dont know, maybe dont fight and turtle until castle?

Usually spears into archers. Jeanne is usually a little slower on aggression than French (because she wants to hit lvl 2 then fight wildlife) so many civs can get up to castle if they rush it before dealing with major raids.

If they decide to rush and send Jeanne at your base immediately on age up, you will probably have to passively hide under TC until you get a few archers up.

At low numbers, just make sure you are microing your units so Jeanne isn’t hitting all your spears with her spin attack.

His attack is in an area in front of her, to be honest I haven’t had problems facing jeanne and the knights. Use formation to not have your spears very close, try to circle jeanne, so the attack doesnt hit all your spears, and try to snipe the knights ignoring jeanne.

Don’t fight outside your base, don’t train archers as they are ineffective against knights and jeanne (she has 50% damage reduction on ranged damage), and play deffensive, just forcing the other player take risks with the knights.

As happens with french, if you are able to defend yourself effectively for the first engages, and he loses some knights, you will be in advantage.

Also, if you are good with the defense, don’t forget to split a squad of 4-5 spears and go raid his gold, as you will stop the knight training.

That’s incorrect, the aoe attack hits 360 degrees. Surrounding Jeanne is the exact opposite of what you want to do.

Archers are good vs Jeanne in feudal until she gets level 3 (which is when she gets the damage reduction on ranged)

So don’t know where have I read that is a cone in front of her.

Btw I haven’t had problems facing jeanne with spears. As japan I train spears and mix with onna bugeisha and some samurais to tank.

I haven’t played against Jeanne, but from experience, I did struggle a bit against Zhuge Nu for Zhu Xi as well as the OOTD horseman a tad.

Tbh, horseman + spears might be the answer for most civs. They are already pretty decent against knights, and you can run down Jeanne if she overextends.

You should have the bigger military because Jeanne’s units have to cross the map and you should be playing defensively in feudal trying to eventually get castle. An extended feudal vs Jeanne is a disaster unless you consistently kill her because if she hits level 3 and you aren’t close to castle, it’s close to just GG.