Advice on unique units and unique techs

There are some good advice on enhancing features of different civs.

  1. Unique units can be created in military buildings after researching conscription, but a little slower than creating in castle, maybe costing more food or wood when training in military buildings to balance them.
  2. Silver crown can be researched in university. it is obvious that most silver crown tech has nothing to do with unique units, so it is hard to understand that why it has to be researched in castle.

The fact that UU’s are hard to produce is an important factor of the game. If you make them too easy to produce, some of them would be OP.

Some castle age UT are strong, and if you remove the need of making a castle to build them, it may be OP too.

If your changes are applied, it would need a lot of rebalancing.

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Well… We could move the silver crown and gold crown techs from castle to town center or so… It would buff some civs (like poles for instand cheap cavalry, or korean for tower range)… But we would need to research the effects of such a change to see whether it is a good idea or not… And I am not conviced…

As for unique units from military buildings, it is not the objective of aoe2: I feel the UU are just to give an additional flavor to the civ, and whenever a civ wants to spam the UU (mongols, spanish, …), the need to create from castle is the only brake to the production and requires a lot of (stone) investment, plus the need to keep the castles safe, as more often than not, destroying the castles are the counter to these UU. Changing the cost (if so, would include gold anyways) is not enough, and changing the prodcution time does not change much as you can always build 10 more military buildings…


a little slower than creating in castle, maybe costing more food or wood when training in military buildings to balance them.

but civs like mongols and spanish rely on their uu, they are too weak and boring in imp age if they lost all castle.

The civ is strong thanks to the UU, but not too weak or boring in imp without.

  • People can play Mongols without Mangudais: they got nearly FU archers, good hussars, camels, excelent siege. Players do not pick Mongols only for mangudais, some want the rush option (40% hunt), some want the speedy siege rams. Mongol siege is very funny.

  • Spanish often rely on Conquistadors for the Castle age power spike, after underwhelming dark and feudal ages. In imp they are fine without UU. Actually, many players say Conquistadors are too strong in castle age and too weak in imperial. Some people even switch from UU to HCA late game, as spanish only miss partian tactics. How can a civ with FU trash + FU paladins + trade bonus + siege rams + fast firing BBC & hand cannoners + BBT be weak or boring in imperial age ?? they only miss camels / arbalesters / SO…

I dont think anyone who understands the game thinks Spanish has a weak late game.


you are right, considering that conquistadors are too weak in imperial, elite conquistadors should be allowed to create in barracks as a compensation.

Why would you need a “compensation” ??

not for compensation, but for improving diversity, every civ will become more unique and more interesting after this adjustment.

You wrote compensation.

And I am not interested in having “more unique” civs in aoe2. I do not think having conquistadors in barracks make spanish more interesting… It just makes the game more messy and complicated.

But you can make a mod for that and try it out if you like…

First, having conquistadors in stables , not in barracks.
THEN , you enjoy creating paladins or arbalester in imperial every game no matter what civilization you choose. you used to do that and never feel boring, but it does not mean that everyone has the same opinion as you.


I could accept a team bonus able to research UTs and conscription at the TC but taking 250% time.
Maybe for a potential civ in DLC.

Yeah, you wrote Barracks and meant either Stables or Ranges. But whatever, same idea, same result.

Do you mean aoe2 is becoming boring for you, and because of that you want to break the game to have some fun a last time before moving to another game ? Then yeah… Just make a mod and enjoy yourself.

I don’t understand your word. This changing will not break the game, it will give the game more diversity in imperial age, and every civilization will have more choices.
it is unreasonable that most unique units have such low play rate in standard game.

maybe the game is in a good state now,but it doesn’t mean that we cannot do some updates to make it better.
Give some examples if you are sure that the game will be broken by this change.

I don’t think anyone who understand the game supports OP’s suggestion

This idea would allow to make rattan archers from archery ranges withlut the need of a castle because vitnamese have free conscription…

And indians could mass elephant archers easily.

This is hard to balance.

I don’t see many silver techs researched in castle age

That is because a castle is expensive and usually not seen until late castle age. And yeah some civs have fairly bad unique techs. That is largely due to the fiv being good and a good UT would break them. Imagine if mongols or huns had a solid castle age unique tech.