Advices for the up-coming game

I made this post to talk about some ideas that the community have. Please post your idea by answering to this topic.

My Idea: I think that the most well-made AoE game was Age of Empires 2. I started playing the first one, and I loved it but after knowing AoE II Gold Edition + The Conquerors I couldn’t go back to it. There were a lot of reasons… but the most important is because it was balanced, very balanced. There were so many new units that could counter others (ex. Spearman vs Horses), the implementation of unique units, many other siege units, more organised buildings (like Mill, Gold and Stone Mine etc), more organised techs and tech trees, organised army on battles(at least, more organised than the first AoE game) and every civilization was best known for something in particular. I really loved this kind of growing up gameplay, this “Organization”. In this game, I don’t want to see an AoE II game with AoE I civilizations and new graphics, but I would like to see something inspired to that, inspired to that freshly new balanced gameplay. It’s a remastered, no new game, but it’s a definitive edition. It is no paste and copy game, it has to be more, it has to be more than its predecessors, it has to be like when AoE II came out, a revolution that couldn’t bring you back to his predecessor (sorry AoE III, you are a good guy, but… you’re not my kind). Please do a good game, even if it means to posticipate the date of publish. And please, Green and red Hp bars like AoE and AoE 2 :’(