*I acquired Age Of Empires 2 Definitive Edition by STEAM. The Game runs normally, however, when entering Xbox Live to play the Challenges of the Celebration of Ages Event “Train 10 Cameleiros”, I enter civilizations that have cameleiros and when finishing the games in different levels of difficulty the challenge is not completed. I’ve already made all the corrections as Steam Support recommends, until I reinstalled Windows again on my notebook. I have already played on 2 different notebooks and on a gamer-type desktop but at the end of the games (after training more than 10 camel drivers) the challenge is not complete. I request assistance because the event is ending.

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I encounter the same bug.
I did train 120 camel riders on a Death Match against the AI.
I trained obviously less camel riders on RM against a human player.
None of it unlocked the success.

Make sure its not an heavy camel (like maybe happens in DM, but a normal camel)

I have the same problem and I could not find a solution

I finally made it! creating 20 camels (not just 10) and no upgrades
ty FinalBucket

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