[AESTHETICS] bones, rotten corpses, lucida blackletter, zoom out, score size

Hello everyone, as the title says, I think these features are inherent to the game, the bones and corpses need to be back, the old font needs to be back. I’m sure the zoom out can be better, and the score size is way too big.


I concur on these. I’m not a fan of the new font either. And if the new font is mainly for accessibility reasons, then it could still remain but be under accessibility settings, so that we can enable old/disable new whenever we wish


Also would like corpses in the editor that do not start rotting.


Have you switched the font already?

Have you switched the UI scale already?

I switched the font, the change doesn’t last, did u manage to change it? also, I did the UI thing, everything scale but the score size, try it.

I hear this type of thing is not planned to be in AoE4 either, as they aim for a ‘low Teen’ rating in AoE4, to try to appeal to a wider swath and wider age range of gamers. Ugh :neutral_face:

I wonder if that’s why they’re omitting it from AoE2:DE so far. (Hopefully the upcoming December update fixes this).

Mods should not be the solution! Should be developed into the game with an ON/OFF toggle. Put a Parental Lock on the setting if you need to, so parents can lock it OFF with a passcode.

Why do games/franchises I love always have to go this route of mainstreaming? I’ve not seen many instances of games that do well or are as fun for me to play as they should be when they try to appeal to everyone; especially not for established franchises like AoE. Game franchises have been ruined by this sort of thing (i.e., Thief). I was hoping AoE Online would have gotten this sort of thing out of their system. AoE3 was already too much mainstreaming for my tastes.

As long-time supporters and early adopters of the AoE franchise, we should be rewarded for investing all our time and money into it over the years to keep it relevant, rather than side-stepped in favor of bringing more players into the fray. Which is why I say: just add it (blood/corposes) to the game, make it a toggle, and call it good.

Once a game or franchise goes AAA, the devs/publishers are too worried about recouping the billions, figuratively speaking, spent on developing, so they try to make a game that everyone from age 5+ can play. That’s why they should treat games like AoE as an Indie type of franchise with a niche group of players; so they spend farrr less on it. I don’t want to see it ruined, nerfed, or cartoon-ized by being too AAA.

Since they’re removing blood from AoE, I also recommend that blood be removed from Gears of Wars and have those characters shoot squirt guns. (I don’t play GoW, so wouldn’t care, personally. But why should that franchise get to be rated "M"ature? Why not get rid of the violence and target it for low-teens, as well?)

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You can add varied and gruesome blood into game with Crimson Blood and make dead units more visible with mod that I will release very soon :slightly_smiling_face:


omg, kids are so soft these days (or parents), I imagined this thing you are saying too. There must definitely be a toggle option then, if that is the problem.


looks nice man, can the mod be applied to multiplayer game?

Yes, it can (works in standard game, campaigns, multiplayer, replays), because it is not a data mod :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry you have to be doing this, rather than it being built into the game. Is there a way we will be able to make the blood more transparent so it blends in with the ground more (i.e., maybe a couple setting options we can choose from)? It seems pretty vibrant/saturated right now

@ApeSilent, do you know, how to make blood more transparent? Because you made Crimson Blood mod, you probably know :smiley:

I decided to go for a more vibrant style since the games’ graphics are pretty vibrant as well.

The blood textures (and other particles) are stored in .dds files which you can quite easily edit. You’d simply open the blood.dds file (resources_common\particles\textures\atlases) in an image editor that can read .dds, change it’s transparency and save in .dds again. This might come in handy: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop

@Aberahamah, @Darkness01101, @Medve1987
Visible Corpses mod has been released :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Yorok0! Worked well for me. I don’t need the extra blood/gore, so I didn’t subscribe to that. Is nice to have them on the battlefield for a while after dying. There are some improvements I’d like to the visuals (in terms of vibrance and decaying to skeletons, akin to AoE2 CD-ROM edition), but I’m hoping Microsoft addresses that in an upcoming patch. This helps get me by nicely in the meantime. Good work, and thanks for letting me know :smiley:

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Hear, hear!

Make it a toggleable option if you care so much. But give us blood, skeletons and gore. Even Warcraft 1 had it.

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I want subtle blood, skeletons, and decay like the old games. I was just saying I didn’t need the fan-made blood/gore… it’s a little over-the-top gory in my opinion with the realistic spatters and vibrant colors. It’s supposed to be Age of Empires, not Dexter, lol


AoK had it as well, but the DE removed the skeletons and longer decays. IDK why