AFK handling / Remis

Not finding a game for some minutes leads to make things like opening youtube, going to the toilet, plunder the fridge… and eventually forget about the game. So, for whatever reason it of course should not but can happen that a player forgets about his lobby search being activated and thus ending up as being that AFK guy. It happened to me now and then and I apologize for it.

The game obviously starts and the AFK player will not only loose but also steal time from the other players.

When it’s a ranked game, I would suggest to detect AFK players and show that to all other players. So if the lobby starts and a player did not click anything for 5 in-game Minutes or so, they should get an icon exposing them as being AFK.

In a 1v1, the opponent then can storm that AFK base and save themself time and the anger about a boring game. The 1v1 AFK player will loose, everything’s perfect.

But if it’s a team game, the rest of the team having one AFKer could decide to continue fighting. But I would also like to see the option to offer a Draw.

Since AOE2 ranking is using the Elo System which origins in chess, I would also like to see an option to offer a Remis (Draw), just like in chess. So that if for example one team player is AFK, the other players can offer a draw, which of course can be accepted or denied.

Another reason to offering a draw could be if a player gets RL stuff interrupting the game. Normally they would then apologize and resign, but fair play gamers could also decide to give that player a remis, if they were actually on a winning path.

The option to offer remis should have a cooldown or something like it so that it won’t be abused. Also every player should be able to offer only one remis. Offering a remis should not affect the game itself (meaning it should not be something you buy with gold or such), because it’s on a higher level that the actual game.

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Doesn’t sound bad, tho the remis option sounds like some people will just refuse to give it just like some unpause your pause ASAP.

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I love this idea. Not only would it be applicable for disconnects at the start of a team game, but also if the winning player of a long game needs to leave.

Perhaps only the player with the score lead can offer a draw.

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