Africa Royals Crashes

Game Version:

  • Platform: Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10


After updating the game to have the new DLC, I attempted to get into the 3 new historical battle. At the end of each cutscene from the beginning, the game will crash to the desktop.

Reproduction Steps:

1.Get into the game
2. Select one of the 3 historical battle
3. Game crash after cutscene


I will also get this message at the beginning of any games.

00:00:00 (0): XS: Error: 0003 Could not compile file “ailoaderstandard.xs”.

But I dont think this is related to the above issue unfortunately

Heey @Raph1321 , the AI issue usually comes up after an update for users who have installed mods. Since those mods aren’t updated yet for the new patch this is a very common error people experience. Can you try to disable all your mods and see if the AI bug still happens to you? Maybe this will fix your crashes for the Historical Battles too.

It did work by removing all the mods.

Thank you !