Africa Shadowtech

Should African civs really get every native unit and unit borrowed from other civs shadowteched at every age? Could they instead have to upgrade them all individually or have an upgrade at the palace for “Veteran Auxilleries”. I think at least artillery should require purchasing a new technology every age, sort of like the technology you used to access them in the first place, in order to upgrade artillery to guard and imperial stats.


They have to pay a tech just to be able to train artillery, their artillery is also expensive because it costs all influence and there’s no easy way to increase it’s income quickly, not like other civs if they want 5 falcs just chuck everyone on coin and wood.

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Yeah it’s a funny one cause it seems like a high resource discount having access to all this free tech but then massing of any of these units, native or cannons, isn’t that east in reality. I think the shadowteching is strongest in timings attacks at a age up. Even then your still needing to upgrade the core of the army so the windows small.

It seems like a odd bonus to have. Thematically it makes more sense for the native Americans civs to have it but in that case I think it would be overpowered with the easier massing potential

it is roughly the same as export, all the influence units shadowtech in exchange for their… complex expense. its strong in some ways but kinda underwhelming in practice

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It would be reasonable to include it as part of the main unit upgrades. That would make it not cost any extra (since you would be getting them for your main army anyways) but still require researching an upgrade to get the benefits. To cover everything, the Hausa upgrade would need to be renamed to Elite/Champion/Legendary Melee Warriors instead of Elite/Champion/Legendary Hand Cavalry.

I think it would be ok if they shadowtech their African Alliance only. Shadowteching any native they ally with seems far too good, but because legacy natives are not balanced people don’t complain or pay attention to Hausa and Ethiopia on that matter a lot.

Same with Incas which have lots of powerful perks but because a global feature is really, really, really bad no one cares to their bonuses or cards.