African age-up system should be applied to more civs

Since TAR set the player as a prince ruling a small country in splitted empire, and needed to ally with various powers to rebuild the empire, an alliance age-up system was introduced into the game.
But I don’t think this system should be limited to African civs, for example, Germany fit very well into this system, here’s my suggestions.

Age II - Bavarian (unit:Mountain trooper, tech:Schützenfest),
Hanoverian (unit:Drummer, tech:Victorian Era),
Saxons (unit:Trabant, tech:Kingstone),
Swedes (unit:Royal Arquebusier, tech:Hanseatic League),
Russian (unit:Royal Huntsman, tech:Kalthoff Repeaters)
Age III - Prussian (unit:Giant Grenadiers, tech:Scharnhorst Reform)
Age IV - French (unit:Royal Musketeer, tech:Royal Tax)
Age V - Austrian (unit:Line Infantry, tech:Multinationalism)

The same applies to potential Central Asian civs.
A viable list would be Russians, Ottomans, Chinese, Indians, Afghans, Dzungar, Persian, and Kazakh.

Already talked about at infinitum, already turned down by the devs. I think the key to ll of this is the Prince Electors card.


State Age up like USA and Mexicans civs is definitely better option for Germans civ - if Germans civ don’t split into Austrians (currently Germans civ) and Prussians (with this Age up mechanic).

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How about Central Asian civs?

I think that the federal state age-up system is tailored only for US,and even not match Mexico. Because only US have a tradition of form about 30 federal members out of thin air, then JOIN the Federation, while all the Mexican states were converted from existing Spanish provinces.
Bringing this to the Old World is absurd.
You may be envisioning the Reich of 1871, but I’d say that only the four southern states were considered JOINED in federation.

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…you know the United States were, you know, the 13 colonies before they became independent, right?

They very much didn’t form federal states out of thing air upon declaring independence.


It occurred to me that some civs in Southeast Asia might also be applicable to this system, like Malay or Indonesian.

30, not 13.
Do I need to tease out how the United States is abusing the idea of Manifest Destiny?