African Civs In Age of Empire IV

As a fan of the series, I enjoyed seeing civs like United Kingdom, France, Germany, China & Japan (Europe & Asia respectively) been represented but I also feel like Africa is always just seen as a landscape for Europe to do their battles, however they too had more civs that just Ancient Egypt alone that could finally get the representation they deserve.

It could be a great way to introduce civs such as Songhai Empire, The Ashanti Empire, Kingdom of Benin, Nubia Kingdom just to name a few to people who’ve probably never heard of them before. It’s one of reasons why I’m excited for AOE IV, to see what civs they could add to the new installment.

It’s just a suggestion that I hope the developers would take into consideration, Heck, even if it’s just as DLC, that would be awesome.


Absolutely. Age of Empires has a twenty year problem of acting like the Mediterranean (and particularly Europe) is where important empires come from and relegate many other continents to expansion pack afterthoughts.

Of course there are some of exceptions, but most of those are still derivative of Europe. For instance, AoE1 launched with eastern Asian civs, but they were variations of the European ones (the Yamato had hoplites, for instance).

Who knows where Age 4 goes, but if it doesn’t launch with Asian, African, and American civs, the game will just be exacerbating the franchise’s myopia. It’d be bad history and a huge missed opportunity.


Acho que todos os fãs do Age gostariam que suas indicações fossem consideradas pela equipe de desenvolvimento. Seria incrível! Acredito que uma pesquisa mais detalhada sobre a historia e seus personagens históricos (heróis) seria de bom alvitre. O Age passará não apenas como um jogo comum, mas como uma importante ferramenta para que muitos conheçam um pouco da trajetória dos povos e acompanhara nossas proles no decorrer do tempo.

I don’t see many Germanic , Celtic …
There many Egyptians.
Some Eastern
Some can be fit with many like Composite archers.

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