African maps like Darfur: Heavy fog effect

Hi! I love playing african maps on Treaty. When i have ludicrous zoom on. It has this heavy effect of fog on the middle of my screen obscuring me from microing effectively.
I have clouds, fog effects. Basically all on low and add to that my bad eyesight.

In that match my enemy was Yellow and i had time seeing which hussars were mine and which were my enemies’ Please help remove this heavy fog. I like darfur and i want it to be more accesible visually.


As far as I know the fog is not affected by graphic settings (because it is a very cheap effect).

I would consider this as a bug so you should report it as such in the Bug report forums.
The very far zoom is still in beta.

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It only does this for this map. Very far zoom rarely ever fails me. but i will report it to bugs for safe measure

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It’s a setting of the map’s lighting. All they need to do is change one small file.