After 15 secs of searching ranked match 3vs3 , while im browsing on internet

as titles says, after 15 secs the quee stops always, and i have to research again
cant play alt tab to browse on internet or on discord while saerchingg 3vs3 match…
the quee even gets cancelled if i dont press alt tab

and my name for some reason appears like this “unknown”

i had to tell to capjack19 to rehost ranked and search match

I have experienced the same issue. Playing in team ranked with teammates, the search was cancelling itself (without me doing anything). Really frustrating.
It seems that I had launched a search when one of my team mates left the group for whatever reason. Afterwards he could not rejoin. Then I tried hosting a game directly, but I got refused. I had to restart the game and one of my teammates finally managed to start the quick search.
It happened yesterday too, so this is a regular problem.