After a game is found, I return to the Main menu with game running "behind" the Menu

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your help.

Sometimes (about every 20th game) after finding a match, the game does not go into the usual loading screen where you can see every player + their civilization, but instead a more “generic” one, without any player or map information.

Afterwards the game starts normally for everyone else in the game, but I return back to the main menu where I can still hear the ingame sounds. I can even interact with the game, for example through chatting. But since the main menu overlaps everything I cannot click anything and am forced to resign (F10 opens the usual ingame menu).

Since this only happens occasionaly, it is not exactly gamebreaking for me. However it is a crash that forces me and my teammates to lose points everytime, which gets annoying rather quickly.

As a bit of additional information, I had rather many problems with my age of empires game, which I couldn’t seem to fix (reinstalling, disabling mods, etc. didn’t work) What worked in the end to resolve most issues was simply reinstalling my entire windows. The only exception seems to be this issue which remained even after a completly clean windows installation.

Hopefully someone has experinenced something similar. Many thanks!