After being converted by an Incan Priestess, the unit turns into his base version

So, for example, my team mate was playing Inca and converted some Veteran Janissaries and after the conversion, these units became regular Janissaries (the base version). In my opinion they should just switch sides and remain as they were before the conversion happened (keep their Veteran/Guard/Imperial status).

Is this as intended or just a bug ?
Thanks !


Unit conversion is the worst mechanism in RTS, being weak is for the best.


The worst mechanic in RTS is “Stutter-Step”.
It is incredibly abusable, makes some unit compositions unfair, and breaks the counter system.

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I suppose this is intended, right?
In AOE3 upgraded units do not transform into new units as in earlier games. Instead the player receives that upgrade technology which affects the unit, just like any other technology/shipment, etc… Similarly in the scenario editor you need to place a unit then unlock the veteran upgrade to get the veteran version.
If the player converts a unit but does not have that upgrade technology, there is no way to make that unit upgraded because you cannot also “steal” the technology.

Also no other civ in AOE3 has conversion. So it’s better to keep it a meme.


Stutter stepping in aoe3 isn’t as bad as in other games though.

In AoE3 it is not much of an issue, because Cannon punishes it greatly.
But it is still worst mechanic ever devised in RTS.

No. The worst is conversion. The mere existance of it changes how the meta works. People will stop creating powerful units or research expensive upgrades just so the enemy can’t get it for free.

Conversion was in AoE1 and 2, it did not stop people creating powerful and expensive units, like Paladins.


Unlike Monks in aoe1 and 2, Priestess has a high HP that the enemy cannot block. If the monk had more than 150HP, the monk would have been called an OP unit and received a nerf. Aztec Monk, which is still unexpected, has a good effect against enemy knights.

The problem with the priestess is that his HP is too high, can work at CP, and has the ability to heal. It’s natural to have a heal as an indigenous healer unit, but what you can work with in CP is plagiarism of Aztec’s Warrior Priest. Even they can be transported infinitely by card. As a personal suggestion, I would like all Aboriginal Healer units to be able to work on the CP. However, all of the priestess’s pop and conversion ability must be removed.

Conversation is utterly broken in aoe2 and it forces you to mass a single unit that resists to conversion. It has the exact meta bending effect that I mentioned.