After last update game lags so bad

After last updatre 06/08/21 game is acting weird, looks like its a fps drop issue but checking my fps its giving me 140fps still… but it looks like its running at 20fps. Something got messed up so bad that is almost unplayable. please fix this asap.

Thank you


In skirm mode game runs fine, I noticed this only happens online. Server issue maybe?

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Yes, it’s general. Game lagging really badly. Mine seems like running 15fps sometimes.


hey i have the same feeling with u , the fps is ok over 100fps, but the gameing feels lagy anyone can help solve

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So far if I restart my game and do skirmish game first then resign and then go to a ranked match it makes the lag better until I exit out of game again

Could just be coincidence since I’ve only tried this scenario twice.

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