After some time, What do you think about the JPK stats change?

Could it be reverted?? Joined to a card effect?? Change cost?? What do you think?


it’s awful. Same for the changes to Grenadiers. They just made them worse than before (at least in treaty games)

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For 1vs1 Supremacy games I don’t feel much of a difference. Speed buff was very welcomed but still Otontin Slingers are a first choice to fight against heavy infantry (because they are ranged unit accessible in Age II, cheaper and trained faster).

Also new JPK cards are very interesting but quite impossible to squeeze into deck amongs other Age III cards.

Generally I think JPKs are now slightly better in Supremacy. However, for current cost they could easily have 18 attack instead of 16 and it would not cause any balance issues.


The truth is that the changes seemed great to me, they are a really efficient unit now, since I was testing them, I always leave 9 JKP in my deck and try to hit the BB even if I reach fortress age to have a good mass of these bad boys . The winning azzys atm combo in my opinion are JKP + Otomi + Eagle. The JKP serve more than anything to do snerf against the infantry and curiously has an efficiency very similar to the coyote.
Against civilizations that have a preference for musk + huss it is a very good option, to name a few examples, Brits, Ottomans, Japan, India and Sweden.
In conclusion, the JKPs are much better now.


I’m not a high level player but I think combination of JPK + Slingers + Eagle Runners will be countered well by just a mass of archers/skirmishers.

From the games I saw or played myself Aztec goes for Coyote + Slingers in Age II. In Age III they are adding Eagle Runners to the combo or Arrow Knights if opponent pushes with artillery. JPKs were not being used much.

In matchups you provided JPK could be useful, I agree.

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In fact, I was surprised by the good performance of the otomi, when you send Centeotl temple, ufff, the otomis are extremely strong against other skirmishes. The JKP and the Eagle are only counting cavalry. For that reason, I see well that the next improvement for the otomi is in industrial and not before, but it would be a crazy unit.