After the update, the game became more sluggish

After this update, the number of times I experienced lagging and disconnections while playing the game gradually increased compared to before. In these few games, there was even a long delay in the early stages of the game. When selecting a deck for the first card, there was often a delay of several tens of seconds. In the middle of the game, the screen I watched often froze, and then jumped to a scene one or two minutes later, making it difficult for me to control my unit, seriously hindering the normal gaming experience

I hope the official can pay attention to the issue of game optimization. When the game is hindered due to this force majeure, it is very frustrating

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server latency out of whack again, its the worst cause there’s nothing you can really do about it


The main problem is that the updated files are not have on your computer, this files on server


No… They are in your computer.

multiplayer connections aren’t, at least not the ones that worsen ping