Again ask something for italy at treaty games

Italy at treaty games is a trash.we understand that at superm .are strong but also at treaty is trash.must me somewhere in the collect food from miles1.54/sec and 1,50/sec at estate very low compare with other civ.lombards are not useful at treaty games.and army only with bersagliere something do.some suggestions maybe be italy at middle the arcitects cost more coin
2.nerf the lombards time to change resources
3.less villagers produce not so many
4.but more card for food eco(miles) also estate
5.change with card at tech church the redshirts with pavis.and goons with carabinieri.only for skins .(or if want give some buff them)or redshirts do them rifleman like ports like germany like rangers.they help with eco.
6.add second factory all have 2 factories exept malra and italy
7.papal units we dont use lot them at treaty games.

HOPE listen some suggestions .many people wants better italy at treaty games.i hope my suggestions fix italy somewhere at middle of two modes.