Again, Ottomans OP like always / AZAPS

45 ASAP in 7:30 min. 22 siege each one, 8 (1.5) dmg + multipliers. Balanced? Who is the developer who likes Otto so much?


This is a ridiculous post. Arent u aware that pikemen are cheaper, faster and have 32 siege damage?

And no 8 damage is no OP at all.

Additionally you are dutch with age2 skirmisher access. You should shred HI Azaps. I guess you will learn from your mistake


thats … a concerning number though
there can be more ive heard people using the sublime port card plus 700w to get them out even fast like 530 rushes
i dont know if OP or not, but anyone who can have 30 units at 6 min, 40+ at 7min should be kept an eye on veyr few civs can get that out. i suspect its just the DE version of 2x double jan rush tho

that said, poster needs to wall and skirm as dutch into gg. i suspect tho as otto mains, and by proxy their foes, finally realize they dont have to bot the FI every. single. freakin. game. we may see them realize the rest of their roster is pretty damn good and may also be overtuned. i post this mostly in hope either tasty drama unfolds, or to keep tabs on what may be the next botto meta :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s impressive, will have a look into doing that myself. :+1:

Absolutely correct, they need to reduce their build speed by 3 seconds at the very least, countering everything similar to what ERK used to be.

Everyone is saying to just get skirms out to shred them, but the reality is as soon as 3 huss come out it’s not only over but your buildings are gone.

It’s too fast and rewarding at the moment.


I have mentioned azap will be op a month ago…and yeah this is predictable.

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The problem is mass skirm is risky. Opponent can add a few huss and skirms would be cleaned up. Especially the recently reduced multiplier on cav. However mass azap can be sent out alone, Opponent adding a few huss doesn’t do anything.

Skirms cannot run away from its counter (huss)
Azap can run away from skirm, until huss arrives.

Skirms cant take down building but azap can.
That’s true for all heavy ranged infantry. They are just easier to use, more versatile.

Musk huss combo has been a bit too overwhelming in age 2 even age 3, since the reduced multiplier on cavs patch.


Cav multiplier has been restored to originals again, no?

No. It was 0.75x, and now is 0.6x. You can open the game and see it.

Anything in mass is risky and has more or less snowball effect. You can mass xbows against azaps which have HI tag and you can ultimately beat them since you xbow has multiplier against HI.

If anyone says that azaps r strong with Deli shipments, then another trash pikeman unit does the trick together with xbow.

To sum up, azaps are good units but definitely not OP. Anyone who got beaten by one unit group open a post by saying X is OP.


I feel that musk huss (or this case, azap huss) is becoming the meta since skirms nerf. Heavy ranged infantry is already the most versatile unit in age2. Howevernot all civs have it. It is a core unit on roster. Civs that lack it, Chinese, dutch, aztecs are at disadvantage.

lol i found ranked 3vs3 3 otomans, azap, abus, cavalry, GG

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You haven’t played at the higher levels clearly. ANY investment into pikes means less skirm. The Azaps are goons from range and pikes from up close - INCLUDING the siege damage that comes with it. They need to be toned down slightly for sure. Try it yourself and you’ll feel how broken it is.

I’ve went blind strelets before w/ a defensive blockhouse against it and still lost. I’m top 200-300 so my micro is on point.

High level elo doesnt use Azaps.

And I dont think Streletsy is a benchmark for anything.

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I dont need to prove you anything since you are a person with a prejudice. so my answer are short and clear.

Azaps r counterable, end of the discussion for me.

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Azaps aren’t dragoons from range, they only counter light cavalry at range.


Once heavy cav close in, they’re pikes with siege. The design itself is fine but there is something about the current meta that drives them over the edge, making them broken in timing pushes. This much is obvious.

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Prejudice? You mean bias? lol.

Having a counter is not the same thing as being counterable.

We are not looking at Azaps in a vacuum, we are looking at them in the context of Supremacy combined with the other benefits Ottos gets.

Don’t worry, I’m 110% certain it’s broken and that it will be nerfed eventually. No need to waste your breath or mine. I was correct about Rajputs and many many other things, my track record itself is biased :slight_smile:

We shall see, you english master with a super ego.

Nothing to do with ego, everything to do with numbers and statistics pal. We shall see indeed. :slight_smile: