Against the "no TC zone" for the mongols, get a better fix that makes sense

The Problem is really only that the speed upgrade makes the carts ridicously fast like a Ferrari.

That is the only thing is broken. I mean just seeing it zoomin around makes laugh so hard cause it is just ridicoulous fast in relation to everything else. It is by far the fastest moving unit in the whole game. A frigging Building Cart.

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This isn’t any less magical than resources teleporting from drop sites to construction sites or military training buildings.

It is just a way of abstracting treaty lines and the difficulty of building stuff very far from your own base, which apply today as well.

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I like the change , make buildings have weak defence in cart mode , they should not be tanky in cart mode so u can kill it with some units in cart mode , that will make tc drop easy counterable by timely making some units , without completly killing a surprise strat .

I still do not understand how the mongol cart move around in medieval time.

Was sure that litle men were needed to push a slow cart, and have them set up camp.

Town center should normaly kill the men and allow his villager to steal the mongol cart ( wy waste a free town center?)

Age of empire developpers are still stuck in the cartoon world of age of empires online, has they forget their own documentary about fact and physique.

Revisitng this, Fast TC btw has exactly the same speed as a scout… 1,69 Tiles per second.
When Khan shoots arrow it goes up to 2,25 tiles per second.

A scout can perfectly block that all day long.

Addition, Scout kills early Khan in a 1v1, if u wanna be sure, have 2 Scouts attack him, 1 Block the TC.

Just gotta scout the Mongol early and identifiy if he is coming forward with his TC. Build 2 additional Scouts, have 1 Scout block TC, 2 Scouts attack the Khan, continue to Build Villagers and go ahead.

Get barracks next to have some spears cause he will come with spears to fight away your scout.
Go Feudal, get archers. By that time you should be so far ahead that you are in feudal and can get your rams and Archers quicker then he can get Spears and Rams.

Edit: Dont Fight with vills, try to have 2 Woodlines in case he gets his TC down.

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Agree a scout can block tc whole day , watch lawko stream , he did tc rush whole day and got counter multiple times with just scout .


This is the least relevant complaint i have ever heard. The fix for a super random exploit is “anti immersive” ?!?! in what possible way is this relevant? The point is to make people not do it. Once people cant do this specific thing, the situation simply never comes up again, making the notion of immersiveness completely void.

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This isn’t any less magical than resources teleporting from drop sites to construction sites or military training buildings.

Which I also don’t like btw. This was fine in 1997 and 1999, but was hoping for a real innovation here. AoE 4 could have changed this. But obviously, this is out of the scope of this thread.

It’s not random, it’s the logical consequence of how the mongol TC works. As for the rest, Idgaf. Some of us want the series grounded in history, and some people here just want a RTS game with crazy mechanics. You can try to satisfy both players.

The fact that you can unpack and pack a TC near the enemy TC is anti-immersive for me.

It’s not magic. Building takes supplies and time. The real reason people can’t start building in enemy territory is that there aren’t supply lines.

Which is why AoE3 did it just fine.

You don’t like that, fair. But setting a build restriction around enemies only makes sense to me. Tower rushes and castle drops don’t. When was it historically possible to drop a castle in an enemy base ?

And that’s exactly why I am saying, model the real world. Buildings are vulnerable when they are going up because the enemy can attack it and because of the vulnerability of the supply line. Not because they have a dumb magical aura. Obviously, as I mentioned earlier, I would have preferred the supply line to be modeled as well, but that’s well beyond the scope of relic.

Here is a real life fortification in the midst of enemy territory:

If I can unpack a fort in under 1 second, as it is in game, you can bet the generals would LOVE to push those vehicles and build it deep within enemy territory. The mechanic is gimmicky from the get go, why keep adding more exceptions?

the cart speed is bugged in tooltip and its actually much faster than stated 50%. just fix that and the cheese is easily countered by micro. even now a good microplayer can deny TC drop with scout. so after speed bug is patched even the most braindead players can micro stop the cheese too.

invisible barriers/walls = stupid.

Just remove the tech, and have Mongol buildings get faster with each age up, for scaling into the late game. I think that would help whilst not being dark age TC broken.

Personally I’d like to see Mongols be able to move their Docks too please. (They should move on water as a boat, not land)

I believe horsemen are actually faster, although no other cavalry are and only Mongols can get those in dark age.

I have some solutions first of all move the building speed upgrade to 2nd era. And it doesn’t make sense that the buildings can move faster than horse. It should be nerfed slower than the horse but faster than spear.

Sigh, what a dumb solution. Beyond annoyed.

  • The Mongol Town Center Capital can no longer be placed directly next to their opponent’s Town Center. From now on, the Mongol Town Center Capital must be placed in an explored area, and not within 20 tiles of an enemy’s Town Center. Our Balance team will continue to observe your feedback on this and other elements of gameplay.
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They lose all of their ranged armor when packed making them significantly more vulnerable. Deer stones/Kurultai already regularly die after a lost combat, any more weakening would significantly hurt these landmarks.

Well then, I did not know that. I barely ever play them, I need my walls.

Then move to someone else’s Wharf and build warships to beat someone…? This must be banned.

I don’t get the point why people are so upset with this tc drop “tactic”. I really enjoy if someone uses it on me. It’s like a 100% guarantee to win the game?

He will be so far behind in economy he cant do absolutely nothing to win the game. Its game over. Gg. No doubt. So whats the point in nerfing stupid tactics?