Age 1 DE Bad Performance

GPU usage still often drops below 99% and fps drops, it makes the game feel rough and takes some of the enjoyment away. I get constant fps fluctuations and stutters as I scroll around the map.

My PC specs are 1070, i7 7700k and 32gb Ram, at 1440p, no bottlenecks.

Not sure if there is a fix, any settings to change or if the game still needs more optimizing or what.

This may be caused by one or more reasons:

1.- You’re running too many apps.

  • If you are running too many apps at the same time, your processor won’t be able to keep up. Make sure that Age of Empires is the only app you are running at the time. Maybe that would be the solution.

2.- You haven’t got enough storage space.

  • If your PC’s storage is almost full, the computer will be slow. Try save all your data on an external hard drive. Also, if you could get a SSD to be your booting hard drive, that would speed your PC even more.

3.- You’ve got a virus.

  • If your PC is slow, chances are that you have a virus. Run a reliable Virus Scan and make sure your PC is clean and protected.

4.- Your PC has broken parts.

  • Sometimes, some parts will break on your PC and it will make your computer slow. Make sure your PC is running as good as you think and that all the pieces are perfectly connected and in good shape.

If none of the answers above helps you, I would recommend you find someone to diagnose your PC. The problem could be something else.

Cheers mate and good luck.

5.- We Messed Up Optimization
Due to wanting to release the game as fast as possible to make maximum profits, we did not put any effort into the game actually running @60fps at the recommend requirements (or above as in most cases).

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Yep, almost everyone has the same issue, s’mething bout the game only using 1 CPU core for the game. So you’d probably need to buy a CPU with 5GHz individual core speed lol

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Well… I haven’t got that problem. The game runs at 60fps and 4K no problem. :man_shrugging:t5:

I have an SSD, but i moved it to one of my SSHDs as it didn’t make a difference, I don’t have any problems with other games, AOE2 DE’s Beta runs better but still not perfect, my CPU is overclocked to 4.8GHz and a 1070 is more than enough for these games, using 50% and getting 60fps and dropping frames as well as GPU usage. Game is horribly optimized

This is none of the four problems you are listing. Because first, the problem is common between many players : it’s only happening since the merge with Steam.

I’m not running too many apps, because AOE is the only thing running when it’s happening. And yes, I’ve checked and disabled as many apps as possible, still not the problem.

I have more than enough space on my computer.

I don’t have a virus. I have a very good anti-virus.

I don’t have any broken parts. My PC is almost new (~1 year old), and every other apps work decently.

5.- We Messed Up Optimization
Due to wanting to release the game as fast as possible to make maximum profits, we did not put any effort into the game actually running @60fps at the recommend requirements (or above as in most cases).


Yep, I play on SSD, and I tried playing Windows Store version but I don’t know how to overlay fps rate (other than Steam/Nvidia as it doesn’t work). The game will not use more than 25% processing power so the game is just real ■■■■■■

Probably u speak for your experience where u play vs comp or 1 player at time. AFTER the STEAM patch in multiplayer all got this new problem , when u reach some number of units on map FPS goese down drammatically to 2-3 and the game lag so much and still unplayable. This is for somenthig that change in game code after the release on steam , it isnt a resource problem, or it is a resource problem but caused from the steam patch, and look like its a problem that no once cant have also people with high speed PC and GPU. So please keep you informed better before write unuseful comment if u wanna help community


The FPS drops happen all the time for me too, even on Single Player. I have a decent PC and it should be able to play it easily. Seems to be a major flaw on the coding. The devs could at least tell us they are working on it, instead of keeping silent.

It is definitely a peformance or something related to the Steam version. See here my weekly stream of last week where I played:

I also joined yesterday’s weekly stream but forgot to record. Either way, the outcome is the same: Horrible 1 FPS slide show and impossible to play.

What is really weird that the Community streamers who are spectating the game aren’t suffering from this.