[AGE-1726][Critical] Advanced Genie Editor Bug: create unit with id > 1726 leads to crash at the beginning of the game

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  • GAME BUILD : Advanced Genie Editor Version 2020.10.2 (actually all AGE Version > 2020.3.30 have this bug)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

create unit with id > 1726 leads to crash at the beginning of the game
I discovered this bug around 30th April when using the 2020.3.30 AGE build. When I was experimenting with keshik gold generation ability, I created a unit but the game continuously crashes.

I thought that maybe I wrote a bug in the dat which leads to the crash, but after spending an afternoon locating and debugging, I found out if I save the DAT with 2019.11.22 build, everything works fine. If I save the same dat with 2020.3.30 build. The game crashes.

Later in December. Another modder Arain9506 , who created the “Eternal Civilization” with over 10000 downloads, discovered the same problem and located the bug with more detailed information. According to Arain:

1.Upgrading unit into a new unit with unit id > 1726 leads to instant crash

2.If a unit with unit id >1726 is in map editor, testing the map leads to instant crash

I brought this up today because I wants to try out the 2020.10.2 AGE with new features but is blocked by this bug which has not been fixed.

Since the AGE bugs in Age of Empires tend to last for ages, I think I’d better bring this up, before it’s too late for the DE dat modding community.

This is definitely a critical bug because you cannot create a dat with unit more than 1726 with the new AGE

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. load a DAT with AGE
  2. create a unit with id >1726, e.g. 1727
  3. start a game with the modified DAT
  4. game crashes after loading screen

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the 2019.11.22 AGE build does not have this bug

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*the game crashes immediately, i doubt there can be a recording 11


:point_down: I added this thing for you guys. Ha!

the 2019.11.22 AGE build does not have this bug.
The bug is introduced with 2020.3.30 AGE build, which introduces new feature: repeat technology.
Maybe the bug is related to this


this is to do with the data file some how. not so much the AGE3.

try using 2021.10.2 AGE3 with older data file and save over it, it will allow units past 1726

thank you very much!This is a good workaround.

However,once a dat is saved with newer AGE, the dat cannot add new unit or it crash.

that is dependent on the data file you have used. the one I used allow for a certain extent then it crash. also, going by your screenshot you are at 2899, mine crash at 2255 so I think they all have issues from 2255 to 2899 once you made them available, not sure.

maybe it is better to have 10000 units created in old age3 and then migrate it to new AGE3 so you have more free slots to use