Age 2/3 native cards dont shadow tech

Im not sure if its intended or not, but the royal house allies that send whatever number of units dont advance to vet/guard level and theres no way to reaseach them.

French get the whole minor civ so they can tech up royal musks/goons but thats about it.

They get applicable arsenal/card upgrades and legenday natives from the capitol, but they’re stats are still missing alot by post imp.

This a bug or designed?

Of course they don’t even the non-euro ones don’t shadow tech unless you’re playing an african civ.

As a general rule:
if a native shipment is an age 2 you get nothing else
If it’s in age 3 you might get the age 3 upgrade
If it’s in age 4 and not infinite get the age 3 upgrade but they tend to have higher numbers than the infinite card
If it’s in age 4 and infinite you get the age 4 upgrade

There’s also the “Blood Brothers” card which makes every native champion/honored/Guard.


So its definitely intended then. Seems a bit at odds with the infinite royal house cards in age 2, but eh.

These cards are supposed to get better as they go to the next age, but they don’t.