Age 3 Is Now as Slow & Boring as Age 4 - Turtling and FF'ing the New Norm

China. (I more like call it “Da Qing Empire”, or “Qing Dynasty” to distinguish from PRC today.)

I just started frequently playing 1v1 recently.

My Oppenents usually attack me in Commerce age/early Fortress age. Sometimes some native American civ even rush me before I reach Commerce age. :disappointed_relieved:

I am still not sure if a China player should FF or build some troops before Fortress in both 1v1 or team games. FF seems too risky, but I feel China’s age 2 units are difficult to use (Chukonu’s short attack range making them easily kited by other ranged units, and stepped rider are like made by paper…)

I watched some pros’ build order videio on youtube, but I can’t micro as efficiently as them. This is a problem too.

The rules of this game are not yours to make.

Crib all you want but the majority of the playerbase who are not pros do like the current meta where games are longer and you see more industrial age, revolutions etc.

The game is not just for pros.

Most people here dont care about flawless micro and winning as efficiently as possible.


eh where did you get that number from? even the most degenerate and passive FIs are like 25 mins cause you get to age 4 by like 10 mins. most ff get to get to age 3 by 7-9 mins and if it drags its cause both sides can’t kill each other

edit: even a recent “greedy” game between 2 pros recently was 16 mins


H2O stated that the match up China vs Aztec, if played correctly Aztec wins China 99% of the time. It is up to you to decide how to play it china you can ff but you will have to prepare a defense with monk, disciples, tc fire, narrow base with villages behind the city center but within shooting range from the tc so that the opposing troops will have to walk more to reach them and it will mean more shots thrown from your tc, age timings and right cards that will allow you to repel your opponent in the right time, find natives or animals in the treasures and use them to defend them, also use your melee colonists to defend yourself, in extreme cases passes in 3 ages with the wonder that the arquebusiers give you (Although h2o says not to go through this wonder but in some match ups you are forced). Game example is this [AOE3] Finals Spring Championship - H2O vs Blackstar BO 9 w/ Veni & Interjection - Part 3 - YouTube I know it’s far from our times but the logic is the same. Count that in 1v1 you need an excellent micro especially with the Chinese and be able to defend yourself without units.
Even if you were not referring to this match up, take it as an example because it is the worst that China can face.


Not sure where and when I had the authority to unilaterally dictate this game. You’re straight verbal attack illustrates your inability to form cogent responses.

Players like you are the new culture. You have poor micro-skills you probably don’t have marcos keyed. You just know how to turtle and spam… and thats cool honestly to each their own. But this game was never designed or played like that until now. 2 years back that’s not how it was. Honeslty I just wish players like you would go play age 4 and leave this game untainted by brainless turtle strats or some lame cheese build order. And you definitely proved my point of the original post. So thanks for that.

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No, I have been playing since 2005. My micro is good enough.

I am unable to form cogent responses? How will anything be cogent to you if all you are trying to do is force home a point that is just a personal opinion. I have been on these forums for a while and I know people who just never like any kind of change. AoE3 will NOT be what it was 17 years ago - that’s what YOU need to accept, because if it is the same game then its static. We want an evolving, dynamic game.

You have no ability to adapt and have no rights whatsoever to tell me what to play and not to. I play AoE3 for all that it has to offer right now. But I will not stand people like you who cry about the game being something it wasn’t before. THAT IS THE POINT AFTER ALL, to be a changing game.

You don’t enjoy it? Fine. Let others.

And just saying: I too have tried to rush and have failed. But unlike you I don’t come here to cry about it. Why not start being a good sport instead of blaming the devs like a 5 year old. If I sound rude, it’s only because you attacked my game skills. Clearly your conversation skills are worse.


Lmao. I fail to see how “evolving” means more turtling. And dude in case you havent noticed its not just my opinions over 100 people liked the OP. I didnt write the post because I lost a game and suck at playing sometimes (happens all the time) I wrote it because its accurate. The game has gotten worse with time but hey man if you enjoy a farm building rts game, to each their own.

mmm aveces me pregunto si la comunidad de aoe 3 se lleno de toxicos de alguna manera? no se tu pero esperar 3 minutos para encontrar un juego y perderlo al minuto 6 por un rush ruso, lakota, español o britanico no es para nada divertido


Are you talking about the original post of this topic or something else. Cause the original post here only has 4 likes. So not sure what you are talking about.

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Sí,lo hizo…el otro día estaba jugando con franceses haciendo el desafío de las 5 granjas y mis aliados renunciaron porque no les gustaba mi baraja y como no quise renunciar porque no tenía ganas de tener que esperar en el lobby de nuevo…pues los enemigos empezaron a insultarme y yo aproveché y jugué como Francia Napoleónica…me terminó gustando la partida,a pesar de ser 1 contra 3…los enemigos a pesar de ganar,me denunciaron por ms para que m3 baneen por hacerles perder el tiempo…igual ni bola les dí…si de verdad no querían jugar se habrían salido y no querer obligarme a renunciar…

si, eso es algo rancio, ya que jode esa actitud, yo en parte si me ####### un poco pero cuando ya he perdido muchas partidas seguidas y lo hago para mi oséa grito solo en lugar de joder al otro xd hey matm tu que sabes un poco me gustaria que vieras mi hilo de (cartas nuevas para futuras actualizaciones) para que me digas si estoy diciendo puras fumadas xD

You do realize that the like count that is over a 100 now is an accumulation of all likes in this thread, not the OP, The OP has 4 likes, because most people do not agree with you and for good reason, lol.

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I looked through the thread and the posts that have the most likes are the ones that disagree with the OP. So much for everyone agrees with the OP.


100 people?

I am going to be rude again now: you can’t count also?

Anyway that’s all the rudeness I can muster. So to be polite again: most people like the new changes. And my replies to the posts above probably have more likes than all your posts combined.

Don’t steal my likes lol.

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Sí,yo me canso de perder partidas…pero igual sigo jugando al juego y divirtiendome a pesar de todo…total nadie nació sabiendo jugar al juego…

Claro,me gustaría verlo…

For me personally - the DE changes ruined the game. The “what aoe3 was all about”, and i understand the 800 people from the community that refuse to move to de and are enjoying the original on ESO. I like aoe3 better because its faster - i aint got no hours for 1 game. A friend of mine played an 8 hour match in aoe2 once - thats like full work day bro…really? Totally agree with OP. AoEIII DE is turning into garbage. As a rush player, i cant play the game the way i like to play it anymore cuz rush these days is suicide.

Rush still works.

Previously rush was the only thing that worked, now turtling and booming works too.

And that is a good thing.

The game is still fast paced and a lot of them finish in 20 minutes.


People still rush just not as often as on ESO which honestly got old. There are just different ways to play. I like early game fighting sometimes and I like fortress or industrial, and treaties too.


Eso si me parecio obsoleto, esperar 3 o 4 minutos para entrar a una partida solo para que durara cuanto 7 minutos? menudo juego basura, lo más aburrido que he sentido, por esa razón una vez salio el 3 DE ni con un palo toque al original, al final los rushers que solo ganaban con eso se inflaban el ego de ganar siempre y otros como yo que apenas podian sostenerse caimos rapido, nunca quize jugar el aoe 3 original online por la misma razón por que salian tryhards por todo y si les ganabas minimamente usando estrategias algo defensivas para un juego tardio te decián noob o mal jugador directamente, eso me daba asco, por eso yo no hecho de menos esa epoca ya que era la más aburrida para mi


pues juega el original, nadie te detiene ahi puedes hacer uso de los mismos rush como siempre, no es como si el rush en aoe 3 haya desaparecido y uno bien acertado puede ser mortal ( por que si me han rusheado en aoe 3 DE y si ha funcionado, no es que sea algo imposible)