Age 4 DCing, I think it’s hacking

It’s happened twice now in 4v4. So I’m doing my thing, and I’m doing it well. I hit age 4 first and have been harassing, I’ve got my army up and pushing anddddddd bam, DCed. I was in discord for the one that just occurred, only I was DCed. I’m not always doing the best but this game I was far ahead and cannot help but feel I was intentionally DCed.

I love this game, and I can’t say I’ll stop playing if the hack is occasional, but this could be a huge problem for me caring about the competitive side.

Which faction? HRE? Happened to me as well but only once n age III landmark with ENG.
I dont think its a hacking but ,only, some issue on Relic side.
Do u have game on x-box?

I was mongols this last time. I wasn’t messing with relics.

I’m on pc

Has anyone examined the network traffic to see how the multiplayer networking works? I’d hope that it’s server authoritative rather than peer to peer.

Yeah I was around for the new world gold duping. idk.