Age 4 - landsknecht issue.?

Hello fellow Agers

I have an issue and question, the game so far works perfectly for me I play on Xbox btw and use English, rus, Abba, mongols and little French.

However when I build landsknecht with HRE and select all military units, the landsknecht don’t select. They build and go the rally point but when I hit left bumper and select all units they don’t select or move.

I have to manually find them, click A and move them separately. This is ruining my HRE play and is the only unit in the game that does this?

Does anyone have any ideas, or help for me please? Want to get them to function like their other units?

Thanks nick

Might be setting issue but as it’s the only unit that does this I’m not sure how to fix it etc.

This is every game not just one so have abandoned HRE for time being.

Any help much appreciated