Age advancement requirement notification

A small request:

When you click to attempt advancing from an age to another, there are two possibilities:

  • You have built the required buildings, but you haven’t enough resources. A sound starts, notification appears, telling you have not enough food or gold.
  • You have built the required buildings. A sound starts, and no notification appears.

Could this difference disappear? I’d like seeing a notification when required buildings are missing.

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The tooltip already shows what you are missing, either the buildings or the resource

Sorry for reviving old topics, but I do not wish to create a new topic for the same.

As of now, if you don’t have enough resources to build a building, the building icon is in red, and when you press it, a notification in red will be triggered stating what resources is required.
If you don’t have the required buildings, or if you have not reached the required age, the building icon is darkened, nothing can be pressed.

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