AGE Editor and Data mods are broken :o

Hi all,
It seems like all Data mods are broken and can’t be fixed at present with the ROR update and AGE Editor edited files are not readeable, including .SMX files! They cause crash to desktop
What the h is going on?
@AlkhalimDE did you encounter this too?

Make sure you’re using the new version of AGE, and that you edit the civilizations.json file if the civ count in your DAT doesn’t match that of the game. There’s also some other stuff you would want to fix, like unit formation spacing and blast damage, which won’t be set up for the new DAT style.

Which is the latest version of AGE? Is it the one included with the game files since the patch/DLC? 2022.8.21? Where is the formation spacing and blast damage entries listed? Also is it a file breaker if I use the copy function to copy over specific unit entries in AGE with the copy across DAT files option that AGE has?

That’s the one I’m using.

The flank bonus and creation type fields control this:
Flank bonus determines the spacing between units (1 for most things, 1.25 for cavalry usually). Creation type determines where a unit should be in a formation:

Buildings have creation type 255 and flank bonus 1.

The width is the same as before, some of the stuff about the classes is the same, some of it’s changed (look at some other units for examples). the Blast damage * field now controls the way a unit deals blast damage:

Infantry for example have that set to -5 (for if Druzhina is researched), whereas Battle Elephants have it set to 0.5. Most archer units have it set to 1, but with blast attack class 3.

That should work totally fine.