📣 Age IV Technical Stress Test Has Ended - Thank you!

Technical Stress Test Has Ended

Thank you to everyone who participated!


why I can still play?

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SHHHHHH why would you tell them?!




Thank you Devs. While there are still quite a few issues to iron out, I can see this being the Age of Empires game that we will enjoy for decades to come. Cheers.


我希望,但我们将不得不等待释放。 除非有新的测试版。

Was great to play and hope for the best at lunch.

Maybe alow people to download the game in advance, so every one can play on release day.

I already preoder and ready to play.



the dev’s should be super excited, this will be huge!

“This survey is not accepting additional responses at this time.”
Q_Q The time window is still open though, so what’s the problem?


I had this issue too. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I’ve completed and sent also this one, and when clicking on a link I get the same info, so it can’t be related to for example forgetting you already did it.

This should now be fixed. TY!

@SpectralLogic , @JjForcebreaker


People did it in close beta seems can’t do it again

This video is describing the Smartmove of ranged units outside of building range (walls clearly dont have active LOS which is actually super smart.

I apologize for posting here, I am not sure where to direct my bug reports. I am hoping to get the rest of them out to help the teams :slight_smile: I have quite the few so far. If there is an alternate route please let me know.

Five minutes before the end of the technical stress test, I matched a game, and then continued to play for a few hours :smiley:…Is this a bug…? :sweat_smile: As long as I don’t turn off the computer, can I continue to play for many days… If Microsoft doesn’t turn off the test server… :joy:

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You will run out of opponents pretty quick I suspect, if you can actually keep the stress test running.

There are still people playing… :sweat_smile:


Lol. Eventually you might just end up playing against the same people though.

:joy: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:希望不是。。。如果是,我会马上关掉电脑。。。 :disappointed: