📣 Age IV Technical Stress Test Has Ended - Thank you!

I hope the entire Age of empires community is together in this project, as well as all the best players in the community. And we saw it on Red Bull Wololo 5 !!! All together for an Age of Empires 4 that just keeps getting better. Because together we will reach the same destination!!!

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I tried to take the survey and it says it’s closed. It’s still three hours before the time you said it would close.

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I would say that the red bull wololo 5 influenced the number of players in the technical beta, I suggest one more weekend including Russians and French as civilizations. Anyway thanks for all the work dedicated to the Age! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :joystick: :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords:


Please open the beta, people are still playing the stres test. No fair.

What’s the bug here? You issued a move command then the units routed to the only path to that location. That’s what I would expect them to do.

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Yeah, I can’t get enough either. Sad it had to end, but unfortunately it makes sense why they closed it. It was just a server test. They did also say there would be more in full release. I already was blown away by this, can’t wait for October!

During the stress test, I had two issues with monks:

  1. In AoE2DE, I could send a priest to a relic, and immediately queue the order to drop the relic in a church. In AoE4 beta, the drop off could only be ordered once the relic was in the hands of the priest.

  2. With the Holy Roman Empire and Prelates buffing the combat abilities of the troops, I sent them with the main army, ordering an attack move for the whole bunch. Problem is, that the priests don’t stop to heal or buff, they just walk on to the front and get slaughtered.

I really enjoyed the stress test! The game is a lot of fun to play and I’m looking forward for the release and especially the campaigns. Keep the good stuff coming!


An cuimhin le duine ar bith an raibh suíomh Gaeilge ann? Tá súil agam go bhfuil sé scaoilte.

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Thank you very much for the chance to play this again.
I had a great time.
Even though there are still things to be worked on, the game is a big improvement from the closed beta imo, units seemed to respond better, also naval battles are so much better and so much more fun now.
I am looking forward for the release


how can i turn off auto-save in AOE4? plz help me, i cant find it