Age of archers

I think it should be possible to modify arrow behaviour in a way that doesn’t affect performance at all. For example, arrows could travel at a slower speed, as it happens with hand cannoneer’s bullets ( but obviously not that slow). Or even better, arrows could travel in a more parabolic trajectory, as it happens with mangonels. This will reduce archer’s accuracy without any extra fancy programming.

Well, it is the Age of Archers indeed, not to mention that many people go for mass archers without economy all in and it is boring… The strong micro is also a factor, people learn how to micro the groups of archers, even towers do not do so well v archers since there is no ballistics in age II. I also feel the same like the creator of this topic - there are too much archers in the game esp. in age II BUT THIS IS DUE TO the bad pathing mostly. Now the recent patch tried fixing many of the pathing problems and let us hope it will be better. In my last 3-4games at least my villagers did not block each other . :slight_smile: This is a good thing

I agree with that +2 pierce armor for ONLY swordsman and ONLY in feudal. But if the pathing is completely fixed, it won’t be needed.

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