Age of Cannons

Multiplayer is a cannon fest, boring, impossible to counter unless you use cannons.

Can the devs improve the AI?, because playing versus AI is more fun than versus people atm.


I told so! Playing with the AI is the true AOE4 experience, it walls , it defends (some times) , it makes good combinations of troops and you can USE infantry instead of just massing siege .

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There are innummerable posts about this, if the next patch doesn’t address siege idk what the devs are doing. I was so frustrated playing today, it was just game after game of pure bombards, and I was trying to use mixed armies and actually utilize my unique camel boys but every composition I put together got slaughtered, and my springalds got destroyed because bombards have the same range as anti-siege, just stupid and not a fun experience at all.

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we just have to wait a month

It can be countered… with bugged demo ships :smiley: